Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you serve corporate clients in remote areas or other cities within the country or just Arusha Region?

We have successfully completed numerous projects outside of the Arusha Region such as installation of Air Condition systems in the remotest of areas inside the national parks, or a recent multimedia project in Mombasa so yes, we are quite mobile and do extend our services well beyond Arusha Region.

Do you have the ability to handle multiple corporate projects at once?

Yes, in fact that is a norm for us. Every single day, our technical team have a scheduled plan of which clients’ work they have to perform on that day as well as a proposed timeframe. We use high-end software to communicate internally with our technical team in real time on the progress of a particular project. This way, we are able to delegate and assign different technicians to different clients. We also ensure to have some technicians in office (at the workshop) for day-to-day repairs and maintenance of walk in customers’ electronic devices.

Do you charge clients if they require a survey or a quote?

No, we do not charge our clients for either of these. We will happily send a technician to survey the place and after getting feedback from the technical team, we accordingly prepare a quote. Even after you are happy with the quote and wish to take up the project further, our terms of payment are quite flexible and we do not require you to pay the whole amount before we submit the project. More important for us than your money is your satisfaction in our services.

Do you have technicians to repair apple products such as iMacs and iPhones?

Fixing apple products and other electronics is customary for our qualified technicians. Our technicians live up very well to the saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away as it is something they encounter nearly on a day-to-day basis! Therefore, do not worry, we have an honest team who try their best to fix your electronics and if for whatever reason they are unable to do so, you will be well advised and informed on possible alternatives! Some of the reviews from our dear clients speak for themselves:

"They will kill you with kindness "

"Very professional and prompt, I really wish more businesses were like this, the best place to buy your gadgets in Arusha for the not so absurd prices that everyone else charges,"

"Also the ONLY place in Arusha I would trust to buy repair or service my Apple computers, iOS devices and other expensive gadgets"- Jade Cruz

"Helpful and professional with a fantastic turnaround time (even on a Saturday!). I could not recommend them enough. They were a real lifesaver today" - Sarah Clark

Do you work on Sundays?

Our Main Branch and Uhuru outlet operate from Monday - Saturday (See opening times) but our Njiro Complex shop is open on Sundays (See opening times). Due to the nature of our work especially the service side of things, our technical team is available 7 days a week should they be required at a particular site.

Do you provide warranties on your products?

Most if not all of our products have a minimum of a 1-year on limited warranty.

Do you sell refurbished or used items?

All our items are BRAND NEW and we do not deal with any refurbs and/or used items. Most of our products are imported from abroad from long-lasting suppliers and so, the quality of products is guaranteed. Especially because we mostly deal with large corporations, the volumes required are quite high. Thus we take every effort to ensure products and services are of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Do you accept other media of payment such as M-PESA, card payments, cheques and other currencies?

Yes, and especially since we deal with a huge number of corporate clients, most payments are through bank wire and cheques. We also accept M-PESA and USD payments.

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