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We have a huge selection at very competitive prices of laptops and desktops for you to choose from, as we are the first to know the importance these hold for any business or individual. Our catalogue includes Apple computers: macbooks and iMacs, Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo products.

Different clients have different requirements of speed, storage and graphics but to name a few and so, being official resellers of these top brands, our inventory provides you the chance to select the machine that is best suited for your requirements.

Even if your corporation requires a huge order with particular specifications, just get in touch and we will seamlessly process your order for you. We will help you set up the software of your devices the way you want them set up and our IT support team is always available should you require maintenance and repairing of your devices. In short, when you buy a laptop or a desktop from us, in addition to the 1-year limited warranty we provide, any IT related support that you require after your purchase is well handled by our experts.

Interested in buying or repairing a particular laptop or desktop, fill out the form below and we will get in touch within 1 working day.

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Please provide details of the laptop/desktop accessory of interest. Feel free to drop a url link to the product for easy traceability.