How to Buy from our Shop

We have attempted to make it as user friendly as possible for your seamless accessibility. Best of all, we are offering free delivery in selected areas within Arusha Region and at a small cost across the country.

Step 1. Choose a Product Category

In this example we will choose the "Mobile Phones" category

Step 2. Select a Product

Pick the phone of your Choice, in this case: iPhone 11 and hit the button "Add to Quote".

Step 3. Quote List

This will automatically update your cart at the top right of the screen which now shows 1 Item. You can click "Browse to your list" or "Press the cart button"  to show you all the items you have selected.
You can also keep adding other products in the cart. In this example we will also add a screen protector for the iPhone.

Step 4. Send Your Request

Once the cart is clicked, any items on the cart will be displayed and you can remove any item not required by pressing the ‘x button’ on the top left. 

You will then supply your details and once you hit ‘Send your Request’, we will automatically get an email with your details and will subsequently send you a quote within 1-2 working hours.
This is how easy and seamlessly WE MAKE IT HAPPEN! Stay safe and let gadgetroniX IT take care of your home appliances and electronic requirements.